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SEO strategies and techniques which really works for your website ranking and Traffics

    Some best on-page SEO strategies and techniques which really           works for your website ranking and Traffics
     These days theory about SEO and importance of on-page SEO is justified, let’s move on to the practical part.
Many people can argue that there are more on page SEO techniques and not only 11, but these are the most important you can apply to your website today and quickly boost your Website Traffic and ranking.
Here is a summary of all the techniques:
1.       Content quality comes first
2.       Page titles and meta descriptions
3.       Content SEO
4.       Headings and content formatting
5.       Images and other multimedia elements
6.       URL optimization
7.       Internal links
8.       External links
9.       Page loading speed
10.   Mobile friendliness
11.   Comments and on-page SEO.

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