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All information and details about android phone with these USSD Codes

These days Android is the best and latest open source software which can give the flexibilities to the customer and the companies to evaluate the new type of OS by making the changes or implementation the new shell script and these ways you can get the best look and feel with the amazing UI sometime get the Apple inspired UI also and amazing customization which can improve the look and feel and the comfortablity  to the user.

Here are some basic USSD(Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code which can provide you the details about the phone and the radiation status of the phone and many other things like the device manufacture date and the proximity sensor and about the camera by simple run these USSD code in their own ANDROID mobile phone and you have all the information in front of you in a quick.

The more interesting thing in this scenario is that you not need to go anywhere if you are purchasing  any second hand phone want to know about the quality and battery status or the screen  LCD performance all things you can get just dial these USSD codes and done!


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