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Jawa Motorcycles knock the indian market door once again and its with spark

Jawa Motorcycles yes a name that is the common name in India has launched its new range of 300 cc motorcycles in India today, This is the real giant of its ancient time and now it comes again with a roar in the categories of 300 cc bikes .
Solid steel body and the power of 33o cc Jawa makes it more dangerous like never before and modern design give the boost to this motor bike again.

The Iconic Jawa Motorcycle brand is all set to launch the new 300cc has its price approx 1 lac 60 thousand and another varient has the price littile bit low as the engine capacity is little bitless like 230 CC and all three bike have the price range under 1lac 80 thousands all three variants comes with the twin silencers which makes the power of jawa bike and help to fast torque generation that can help to boot the bike power and maximum efficiency all the time.

Now you can say Mahindra jawa bike makes clear that this is the bike segment which will be a good competitor and if all the things goes well no one can stop this beast to return its 90s days back this is sure shot.

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