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Corp to Corp

What is Corp to corp ?

Corp to corp basically a bond between two companies or organization, This is an alternative strategy in which one company is not directly pay under which you right now working but pay to your employer on the behalf of you and Now your employer who have your all pay role only responsible to pay you accordingly.
This is generally know as corp to corp cause this type of agreement is only made beween two corporation and so its known as Corp to corp
The major difference between corp to corp and other tax terms is in corp to corp all your income taxes is only paid by your Employer while in other Tax Terms like W2 this will be done by Consultant himself only.
Most of the cases in Corp to corp consultant is working on per hour basis while in other Tax terms like Full time and other it will be like annual salary basis.
Sometimes professional in a general way said Subcontractor to the Corp to corp cause in this process is also the same , Consultant is working on the behalf of a particular contractor (Employer) only .
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